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Wedding Ring Box

Wedding Ring Box

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This exquisite wood Wedding Ring Box is a timeless treasure. The exterior features a mesmerising Dune pattern that helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while also providing an interesting texture to the touch. The spacious interior of this wood ring box is lined with soft velvet, providing ample room for two rings or cufflinks.

Dimensions: Box size 92.5mm W x 92mm L x 45mm H

    Velvet Colour
    • Ring Clearance 27mm
    • Magnetic closure


    Product: Remember that wood is alive and every case is different with its own unique wood grain pattern and natural colour tone.

    Material: The box is made from premium walnut wood and beech inside out, while the inserts are lined with soft velvet to protect your precious ring leaving as much wood exposed for the enjoyment of the eyes.

    Where it’s made: We work and produce in the eternal city of Rome, the centre of Made in Italy, with Italian artisans.

    Product Availability

    We are a small Italian brand and we are not a factory.
    Because of that you could find some products out of stock that you can still buy it, but it usually takes us up to 2 weeks to restock. So keep this in mind:

    • In stock: 3 working days 
    • Out of stock: up to 10 working days

    Delivery & Returns

    Delivery: All orders will be prepared and shipped within 3 working days since the reception of the payment.

    Shipping Information

    • Italy: 3-5 working days - FREE
    • EU: 3-5 working days - 6,00 €

    Extra-EU: Please get in touch with us directly at if your country is not listed at checkout and it is not mentioned on this page.

    Returns: We accept returns within 14 days after you have received your order. We do not cover postage, customs duties or sales tax for any returns. Please contact us at


    Natural: Wood is renewable material this means that it can be replenished naturally, unlike fossil fuels such as oil:

    1. Wood is carbon negative. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. When wood is harvested sustainably, it stores this carbon dioxide, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    2. Wood is energy efficient. Wood products require less energy to produce and transport than many other materials, such as concrete and steel.
    3. Wood is recyclable and biodegradable. Wood products can be recycled into new products, or they can be composted and returned to the soil.

    Care guide

    To preserve your wood case just follow this simple suggestions:

    1. Wood does not like water, so do not spill water on it.
    2. In the presence of direct light the wood colour tends to change.
    3. If you want to revive and protect your wood case surface you can apply a bit of wax.
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    The enjoyment of beauty is an important part of a happy and fulfilling life. By spending time with the things we find beautiful, we can enrich our lives and experience a sense of peace and happiness.


    A jewelry case with the same quality of the jewel inside is a case that is made with the same care and attention to detail as the jewel itself. A case that speaks to you.


    Wooden products have a lower environmental impact than many other materials, such as plastic and composites. By choosing sustainable wooden products, you can help to reduce your environmental impact.